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Daemonised energy software

Well I have made several updates to the software learning python on the go.
If you are interested in how I learn a new programming language please go over to my github page and follow the commits.

I have made a nice python daemon which should be able to do every thing I want. It is based on the python reverence implementation.To be able to use it you should have python-daemon installed.

You can also still use the package by including the class into your own script which can then be executed by cron.

All in all I am very happy with how I am progressing, although the next step will be even harder but I’ll tell about all that later.

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Home Energy Meter

Example of home energy measurement

Example of home energy measurement

A few weeks ago I found an arduino micro controller board lying around doing nothing.
It happened to be around the time that I was wondering how to be able to automatically measure the energy usage.
We still have an old fashioned disc energy meterĀ  which is not compatible with any external read out.
some people tried with varying success to interface the disc with diodes and such.
I decided to introduce an extra energy meter which does have a S interface.

So after the read further you can read the “how it’s made”


Second small step board design

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Last week I wrote about my design for the KineMagic.
Several questions remained:

  1. "necking" in KiCad
  2. Board design of the KineMagic
  3. Collaboration decision.

The necking in KiCad I replaced by a dirty solution including a polygon fill. This also solved all of my board design, so the new design is there ready for your comments.

As for collaboration I have decided to create an github repo.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to create a comment.
Things to do:

  • Find a way to put my QR code on the silkscreen.
  • Remove all silkscreens
  • Add usefull markings on the silkscreen.

Second small step…

The L6470 schematic block
The schematic block for the L6470

For the people that did not read my guest blog on Erik his page.
I have been involved in designing some new electronics for the reprap project. This means that I have added a new category for my own blog. This is also the reason why i revived it (e.g. load times are now less then 45 seconds).

This is my newest entry about the KineMagic electronics.
In this post I will discuss:

  1. the limitations of Eagle and the switch to KiCad.
  2. the new library (schematic block) and module (footprint)
  3. the new schematic, and the reasoning behind it.
  4. The current status of the board design
  5. collaboration

All these points are addressed in the extended part of this post and please do comment / contribute on them.